New York Giant Hakeem Nicks Lets His Ring Do His Talking

By jason evans
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the season, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took some shots at New York Giant receiver Victor Cruz, saying that the big boys play outside and he’s only a slot receiver. Cruz said he has a ring and that’s all he cares about. White also said that his group of receivers is better than the Giants group.

Well let’s take a look at the numbers for each each teams’ starting wide outs:


Roddy White: 77 catches 1,140 yards 5 TD

Julio Jones: 63 catches 997 yards 7 TD


Victor Cruz: 76 catches 1,004 yards 9 TD

Hakeem Nicks: 50 catches 652 yards 3 TD

Cruz and White’s numbers basically cancel each other out. Nicks has missed so much time this year that a comparison between him and Jones is silly. I fully believe that if Nicks was at full strength this year, his numbers would rival those of Jones and maybe even surpass them.

I guarantee you one thing though. You don’t think Cruz and Nicks might be a little more motivated in this one considering the shots that White has taken at them? Cruz and Nicks took the high road in not getting in a war of words and just talking about the fact they have super bowl rings.

As head coach Tom Coughlin says, talk is cheap, play the game. Nicks and Cruz are certainly going to do their best to live up to that especially considering the fact that they may need to rely on the passing game a little bit more than usual considering the uncertainty of their running game.

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