NFL Injuries: Dallas Cowboys Missing Six Key Players From Practice

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Dallas Cowboys, the only real ‘America’s Team’ prepares to play the wanna-be America’s Team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, they were without six key starters at practice today. The names include DeMarco Murray, DeMarcus Ware, Nate Livings, Morris Claiborne, Jay Ratliff and obviously Dez Bryant.

None of those names are a shock, especially not Ratliff, Murray or Bryant, but one of the names should make Cowboys fans nervous. That name is Morris Claiborne, who is listed as having a ‘lip’ injury but it’s getting to be time where we may start worrying about whether he is having any other issues, particularly a concussion. The absence of Claiborne would be huge for the Dallas defense.

No one should be shocked if Jay Ratliff doesn’t practice all week and he looks like he’ll miss yet another game this season with a groin injury. Sean Lissemore started last week and would do so again if Ratliff can’t play. The good news is that Lissemore is fresh after missing a number of weeks himself with a high ankle sprain.

It appears again this week that Livings, Ware and Murray are sitting out for precautionary reasons and the Cowboys can’t afford to have an injury to any of these players before Sunday’s game.

We’re all still awaiting word on the status of Dez Bryant but he was seen on the practice field today so if that’s any indication of his will to play, he’ll do anything he can to get on the field. Bryant reportedly didn’t have a splint of any kind on his finger.

The Dallas Cowboys are getting ready for a big game this week and hopefully they’ll be getting as many of these players back as possible.

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