Positions that the Tennessee Titans need to look for in 2013 NFL Draft

By Stephanie Umek
Kenny Britt against Texans
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Tennessee Titans did some work on both sides of the line. This coming spring though they really need to buckle down and make sure that the players they get are putting out the numbers as they should be.

Grabbing a rookie like wide receiver Kendall Wright was a good move last year. Many people ‘boo-ed’ the Titans for going that route and not getting some defense. But realistically when you look at the statistics, Wright has been one of the best receivers for the team all year. Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt and Nate Washington have all at some point or another been inconsistent.

That is going to be the biggest issue this draft season-consistency. Their problems started last year during the season when they didn’t franchise tag cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Don’t get me wrong, Jason McCourty is doing a decent job at the position, but there are two starting spots open and both clearly can’t be played by one person. Depth is never a problem.

Wide receiver is the biggest issue of all. The Titans have plenty of them. But their numbers just did not pan out like everyone had hoped. It was just this last week that Johnson passed the 1,000 mark in the season.

If I had a say in the Titans decision on choosing draft picks in 2013 I would hope that they would research the best defensive backs and wide receivers that they can, because they will be probably in the top ten picks come draft time.

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