St. Louis Rams Suggestion Box: Week 15

By Anthony Blake
Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson - St. Louis Rams
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This may be the simplest suggestion box ever for the St. Louis Rams, but with the team enjoying its first three-game winning streak since 2006, you don’t want to mess with the mojo. While the wins may continue accumulating, the team has still floundered on offense for the most part before turning it on in the closing stages to get the W. Here’s a suggestion, how about the club plays four quarters offensively the way they have been handling the final five minutes of games in recent weeks?

Without wide receiver Danny Amendola in the lineup this season, many figured that the St. Louis offense would have a little trouble getting started. No one envisioned the type of struggles that they would endure until crunch time each and every week. Quarterback Sam Bradford’s numbers have been miserable in the first three quarters of action over the past few weeks, yet his fourth quarter production masks much of that ineptitude.

Another factor that keeps Bradford looking alright is the play of running back Steven Jackson which has been outstanding in recent weeks. Many believed that Jackson was finished in St. Louis with rookie Daryl Richardson’s production early in the year, but he has made those predictions look foolish. His power is still unquestionable and while he may have lost a step in terms of top speed at this stage of his career, Jackson still has plenty of wiggle when necessary.

For the offense as a whole, they really just need to continue catering to Bradford’s strengths and allow him to be the unquestioned leader on the field. Some of the best quarterbacks ever in terms of statistics like Jim Kelly or Dan Marino never won Super Bowls, but some average statistical guys like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have rings. There isn’t a whole lot of flash to Bradford, but clearly the team believes in him and why not given his track record of producing in the clutch.

If this team can just put together four quarters of decent offensive production and allow their defense to stay fresh, one can only imagine the possibilities moving forward for the Rams. This job may have been taken by Jeff Fisher in the offseason as a restoration project, but he has quickly transformed the Rams into a serious contender in the NFC playoff race.

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