Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Says Chances of Playing Sunday ''Really Good''

By Dave Daniels

Robert Griffin III. One part man. Two parts amazing, and only three days after spraining his knee after a vicious fourth quarter hit against the Baltimore Ravens, Griffin was back on the field.

“Sunday night, I thought there was probably no chance that I could play the next week,” Griffin said. “And then Monday morning, I felt better about it. Yesterday, I felt better about it. And today I feel really good about it, so it just depends on if I continue to progress the way I am.”

Griffin looked a little gimpy during pass plays, but media reps were kicked out after 20 minutes, per NFL rules.

The Washington Redskins are being understandably coy (as is Mike Shanahan’s tradition) when asked whether Griffin or backup QB Kirk Cousins would start Sunday. This is understandable as the Redskins have a very difficult offense to prepare for as it is, so the Cleveland Browns having two different quarterbacks to game-plan for does not make their lives any easier. So none of the quarterbacks are revealing the amount of practice reps each got to the media.

“I was advised not to comment on the rep distribution,” Cousins said. “So I’m sorry, but I’m not going to say anything along those lines, just to protect my team and give us the best chance to win on Sunday.”

Head Coach Mike Shanahan has not hidden from this strategy in the past and he is not about to start now. When asked if he plans to delay revealing his decision for as long as possible, even if he already knows who will start?

“Probably,” he said slyly. “Why did you ask that silly question?”

These few subtle hints give me reason to believe Griffin will start next week and Shanahan just wants the Browns wasting practice time on Cousins. Silly Shanahan is hoping that all this mystery will lead his Redskins to another silly little thing called… the NFL Playoffs.

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