Cleveland Browns' Brandon Weeden vs. Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III: The Numbers

By Ryan Ruiz
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The Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins are two of the handful of teams in the NFL that started the 2012 campaign with a rookie quarterback at the helm. While Browns’ QB Brandon Weeden has had a rookie season of ups and downs, Robert Griffin III has played with guns blazing. Although Griffin III did practice yesterday, it is still up in the air whether RG3 will play in this Sunday’s matchup at Cleveland Browns Stadium, I thought it would be interesting to compare their numbers.

Drafted in the first round by Tom Heckert in a gutsy move, Weeden has done a decent job taking over the quarterback reins this season. The 29 year old has 3,037 yards passing and 13 touchdowns on the year. The downside is Weeden’s pocket presence and interceptions.

What’s very disappointing is his passing lane vision. It seems like the Browns’ field general is getting at least two balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage per game. Weeden’s 57% (264/463) completion percentage is near the bottom of the league, but is questionable because the Cleveland receivers have dropped almost 30 passes this season.

And, though QB rating is a stat that can be thrown out the window as far as I’m concerned, Weeden’s rating is an un-stellar 72.8. Nonetheless, No. 3 has won three games in a row and also has two AFC North division wins. In Cleveland, it doesn’t matter how you win, just win.

Griffin III is a whole different story. RG3 is a once in a lifetime type of player. Griffin III has adjusted very well to the fast pace of the NFL. Through thirteen games, RG3 has 2,906 yards passing and 18 touchdowns. The Redskins’ field general has a total of 24 touchdowns and 3,654 all-purpose yards. The man who wears high ankle Superman socks should be a lock for NFL Rookie of the Year.

The Browns should consider themselves grateful if RG3 does not take the field on Sunday. However, RG3 said yesterday he should be ready to go. With the Redskins’ poor secondary, maybe all eyes will be on the quarterback wearing a brown jersey and an orange helmet instead.

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