Jared Allen on Adding Teams to NFL Playoffs: 'It's Stupid'

By Andrew Fisher

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is known for being very candid, it’s part of the reason he has so many fans. Well he probably earned a few more fans Thursday with his reaction to a question about the proposal of adding teams to the NFL Playoffs.

“It’s stupid. I think that’s a dumb idea. The reason our league is so much better than other leagues, I think, is because of that competition. Every game means something. There’s 162 games in baseball. You’re like, ‘Eh.’ No one really watches until the end, right? Basketball’s the same way. There’s no real significance in every game. I think you damage the sport… Our games become less significant every week if you know, ‘Oh, I can still lose half my games and sneak into the playoffs.’ “

I couldn’t agree more with Allen on this one. The current NFL playoff setup is perfect. Every game does mean something, and altering that one bit is not a good thing. We’re not talking about MLB here, a league that’s doing anything it can to draw more viewers, we’re talking about the cash cow that is the NFL.

Of course all of this chatter is about money in the end. Adding more playoff teams just equals more money for the league and team owners. I get it, everything is about money, but there’s just no need to mess with a system that’s proven to work perfectly.

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