Top 10 Plays From NFL Week 14

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Top 10 plays


Fans watch the NFL for its amazing competitiveness, big hits, and the big play. Whether it's an interception touchdown, a leaping one handed grab, or an impossible touchdown run. Fans need to see it. The big play is what fans want to see because it can change a game in a flash. Something that doesn't happen often, but you want to be able to say you saw it when it does.

As kids athletes dream of making the play that wins the game, so it's obvious that some plays are even bigger when they are made in big time situations. A game winning drives topped off with a 25 yard TD pass as time expires gets the stadium rocking. In others words, it's why we come back the next week even if our hometown team is losing.

As the season has gone by, fans have been treated to great plays, amazing comebacks and crazy upsets that you just can't script. Something that wouldn't happen again if it was played out one thousand times. The plays these athletes make are something an average person would never be able to do. So, we live our dreams through our favorite athletes hoping to get a taste of how they feel.

This week the NFL had a few rookies step up to the plate and take their teams on game winning drives. Of course at top ten list would not be complete without a few one handed snags and a couple long "in your face" touchdown runs. The best part about a top 10 list is there will always be another 10 next week. Here are my top plays for week 14. Did I miss any?

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Tennessee Titans LB Will Witherspoon's Interception

Pick 6

Tennessee Titans LB Will Witherspoon was more surprised than anybody when he ended up with the ball that was thrown right into his lap. He took it the other way for six points. This play would normally be a lot higher, but Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew luck had his knee down and it should not have counted. Luckily for Luck he was able to get the win anyway. If the Colts did not get the win I am sure this would have been a bigger deal.

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Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles TD Run


The Kansas City Chiefs may have been wrecked this week, but it didn't stop RB Jamaal Charles from breaking one down the sideline for 80 yards to start the game. Charles is lone bright spot on a team that has not had a good year and have had to deal with off field incidents that should have never happened. Charles and the Chiefs play the Oakland Raiders this week and it could be their last chance to win a game.

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Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb Makes a Sweet Catch


Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb had no business making that catch on the sidelines on Sunday Night Football. He reached up into the air snagged the ball with one hand and got both feet in bounds for the first down. The Packers beat the Detroit Lions. QB Aaron Rodgers continues to make his case for MVP, but this may be a year where he comes up short.

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Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Takes Off Down the Sideline


Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton started the year rough, but he is starting to look like his old dominating self again. On Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons he took off down the sideline for a long 72 yard run. To top the play off he decided to do a flip into the end zone. The is always a stupid decision, but Newton has been doing it for long enough that he probably won't get hurt. Still, the organization probably doesn't want to see him take any unnecessary risks. Also, the Panthers won that game, so good for them.

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Detroit Lions WR Kris Durham takes a Leap of Faith

Kris Durham

How many times have fans heard Lions WR Kris Durham's name in the NFL? The answer is not very many. Durham created some space by leaping into the air and pulling down a pass with one hand. The Lions lost, but at least they had a better play on this list than the Packers. The Lions season is quite disappointing especially when the team has best quarterback wide receiver team in the league. I give the coaches a pass this season, but if they are not able to get to the playoffs next year this team will need to be overhauled again.

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Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's Stiff Arm


You cannot say enough good things about Adrian Peterson season. This week he continued to amaze fans by breaking a 50 plus yard run on the first play of the day for the Minnesota Vikings. The Chicago Bears had to know this was coming, but as the old saying goes, "one does not simply stop Adrian Peterson". The Vikings found a winning combination, but their division is too tough and will probably end up missing the playoffs. There is good news though, fans might be able to experience the two thousand yard season. He may even break the record.

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Miami Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano in the Back of the End Zone


The Miami Dolphins will not be attending the playoffs this season, but they are still fighting hard to win games. They may have lost to the San Francisco 49ers, but it wasn't before TE Anthony Fasano pulls down a TD in the back corner of the end zone. The Dolphins have made a great effort this season, but their talent, is not as good as it will be in a few years.

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Philadelphia Eagles WR Jason Avant Leaps


Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles did not make a great throw under pressure, but it worked out. Jason Avant leaps, catches the ball with one hand and keeps his entire in bounds as he fell. Avant may have had the best play of the game, but it wasn't in the biggest situation. This next play on the same field takes second place.

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Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles to WR Jeremey Maclin

Mac Attack

The Eagles found their way on this list twice this week. Who would have guessed that? Nobody of course. Foles found WR Jeremey Maclin on the edge of the end zone as time expired to win the game. The Eagles season has not been a great story, but getting Head Coach Andy Reid a win was probably pretty high on most of these player's lists.

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Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins Wins the Game


The Washington Redskins' fans all were terrified when Robert Griffin III had to exit the game with a knee injury. Backup QB Kirk Cousins came into the game threw the game winning touchdown to Pierre Garcon and ran the two point conversion in to send the game into OT. The Redskins kicked a field goal and won the game keeping their playoff hopes alive.

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