What Does the Future Hold at Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals?

By Christopher Gamble


Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are once again jumping on the quarterback carousel with Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt once again turning to rookie Ryan Lindley after placing Kevin Kolb on injured reserve. The Cardinals did acquire Brian Hoyer after he was released from the Pittsburgh Steelers but there is no way Hoyer would be a factor in an offense he doesn’t know a week after being acquired.

The Cardinals quarterback situation at the current moment seems to be a lose-lose situation. Neither Lindley or John Skelton have shown they can instill any confidence in the coaching staff or fan base. The Cardinals options don’t get much better in the off-season either.

Matt Flynn could be made available by the Seattle Seahawks after Russell Wilson’s impressive rookie year. However, Flynn has one great game under his belt and nothing else. It is worth noting that Pete Carroll put his faith in a rookie rather than the veteran the Seahawks invested so heavily in this past off-season. It is also worth noting that Flynn might cost a first or second-round draft pick depending on the market.

Mark Sanchez might be an option if he continues to struggle but the New York Jets will owe Sanchez quite a bit of money after he signed a contract this past off-season that will give him over $20 million in guaranteed money.

Tim Tebow might be another option but the Jets might not be eager to let go of their quarterbacks until they find a true franchise quarterback.

Michael Vick might be an option but I can’t see the Cardinals drooling over Vick after a season that looks more like the one Ryan Lindley is producing but paying for Vick’s past performances in years past. It just wouldn’t make much sense. Of course, that has never stopped a football team from making a move but I just don’t see Vick being a legitimate target for the Cardinals.

The NFL Draft doesn’t look like it will hold any immediate answers either. However, I can see the Cardinals making a push for Matt Barkley or Geno Smith in the hopes that one or the other develops into a franchise quarterback.

The best option for the Cardinals in the draft might be focusing on an offensive line that allowed Kolb to be sacked 17 times in the course of just four days. Bolstering the offensive line should be priority number one for the Cardinals with the lack of franchise-caliber quarterbacks on the market.

The best quarterback option, at least in terms of value might be North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon who could become a very good pro quarterback and likely won’t be taken in the first round and I currently don’t value any quarterback in this draft as worthy of a first-round pick let alone a potential top-five or top-ten pick.

The bottom line is, the quarterback position might be not see any immediate relief for a couple of years. One thing appears certain, their quarterback for next year doesn’t appear to be on the roster.

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