5 NFL Rules That Need To Be Changed

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5 NFL Rules That Need To Be Changed

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So I’m peeking around the internet yesterday and I came across a juicy story about my favorite sports, the NFL. I love the game and it rarely leaves my mind, so when I came across this rumor yesterday I wrote about it. If you didn’t check it out you can find it right here on Rant Sports and it’s about the NFL expanding the playoffs to 14 or even 16 teams. I, along with many other people, think this is a colossal mistake.

After writing that column, I began to remember there are at least three or four other things I actually would like to change about the NFL and I quickly jotted them down. They came pretty easily to me since I’ve probably talked about them a dozen times to friends, family or on that new thing called twitter. The last one I had to think a little harder about because you never want to come up one short on your list or one too many. But I narrowed it down and I’ve come up with 5 NFL rule changes that I would be fine with.

The league doesn’t need a ton of changes but there is nothing that says the NFL can’t improve and since I’m not for the whole Thursday night football all year long or some of the new rules proposed, I figured I might as well share a few changes I think would benefit the league. So here they are, the 5 rules the NFL needs to change:

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5. Home Field For Division Winners

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Winning a division automatically gets you a home field playoff game. To this I say garbage. A few years ago the NFL had a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team hosting a playoff game against an 11-5 New Orleans Saints team. How in the world can you justify that? Just because a team might win a bad division shouldn’t automatically give them a home playoff game. Having a better record is much more indicative of a team’s worthiness of hosting a playoff game. Yes, if you win your division you should go to the playoffs but if you don’t have a better record than the team you’re playing, you should have to go on the road.

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4. Celebration Rule

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Celebration penalties. The NFL should do away with the practice of throwing a penalty flag for celebrating because it makes no sense. Some celebrations are ok but others are deemed penalty worthy and I just don’t understand it. As long as you don’t hurt or openly ridicule another player, you should be allowed to celebrate with whomever and however you want. It’s tough to score a touchdown or make a big play in the NFL and if you do make one, you should be allowed to celebrate. It’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun and the NFL is taking the fun out of the game. Personally I’d love to see the ‘funky bunch’ or more creative celebrations but the ‘No Fun League’ has outlawed them. The celebration should go on and I would to stop seeing penalty flags for excessive celebration. Let them have fun!

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3. The Tuck Rule

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The tuck rule. This one has been brewing for a long time and it’s very simple; it the quarterback is attempting a pass and loses control, it’s an incomplete pass. If he’s doing anything else with the ball in his hand and loses control, it’s a fumble. Why is this so difficult? Forget the ‘empty hand’ and all this other crap. Hand going forward, he’s passing, anything else is a fumble! There, problem solved and rule changed, your welcome NFL fans.

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2. Pass Interference

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Pass interference. The pass interference penalty has gotten out of control. Every little thing is called and each referee has a different interpretation of the rule, so I propose that all pass interference be like the rule in college where it is no longer a spot foul but a 15-yard penalty. If the interference happens inside those 15-yards then it’s a spot foul, anything longer is gives the offense the 15-yards. I’m done with a touch penalty giving a team 50-yards that they don’t deserve. Any rule that is too subjective should not be that beneficial. So new rule, if there’s pass interference, you only get 15-yards.

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1. Roughng The Passer

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Roughing the quarterback. This is a rule that I’m begging to be changed! We’ve all seen it, the quarterback throws the football, it gets intercepted, and then the QB gets hit. The flag gets thrown for roughing the passer and the offense stays on the field. What a bunch of bull. The quarterback threw the pass before he was roughed so the hit had nothing to do with the bad pass, so why does the penalty allow the offense to keep possession? It’s OK to call the penalty but just move the ball back 15-yards on the change of possession; it makes no sense to keep the offense on the field when the roughing penalty was not the cause of a bad throw. This is the most aggravating penalty there is in the NFL and I don’t understand it. Unless the penalty is the direct reason for the interception, there should be no reason to give the offense back the ball. Dumbest rule in the NFL, and it needs to be changed.

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