Cincinnati Bengals: A Tale of Two Teams

By Scott DelleFave
Dalton, Andy 1
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Cincinnati Bengals showed why they are amazingly inconsistent after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. In this game alone the defense looked at times like the best defense in the NFL the next they seem to struggle against even a high school football team.

It’s been their game play seemingly this entire season, not just tonight. In two consecutive wins this year, the Bengals put up 275 yards of offense and scored more points than the following week after putting up 409 yards. This football game is weird at times how stuff like this happens.

If this Bengals team somehow could gain consistency, not to mention another receiving target besides A.J. Green for Andy Dalton this team could become scary much sooner than later on the offensive side of the ball. However, that all being said they have a huge hurdle after this season as they have a large amount of free agents that will get a decent chunk of change on the open market. So who knows, maybe some of these players might be playing for a contract, but that’s just my take, what do you all think? Let me know!

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