Detroit Lions: Coordinator Thinks Matthew Stafford Will Be One Of The Best

By Adam Pfeifer
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Matthew Stafford is a lot like an inconsistent television show.

When he’s hot, he is exciting and fans cannot take their eyes off of him. However, when he’s not, it’s very difficult to watch.

Apparently, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan thinks his franchise quarterback can win an Emmy. In fact, he told the Detroit Free Press that Stafford is well on his way to becoming as great as the likes of a one Peyton Manning.

“I don’t know where Peyton [Manning] was after four years exactly, but I think Matt’s definitely on track to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this position,” Linehan said. “We’ll see when it’s all said and done, but he’s really taken a lot on. We put a lot on him as well.”

Wow. Talk about a bold statement. I mean, I’m all for being confident and supporting your starting quarterback. However, comparing him to the likes of Manning at this stage in his career his a bit much. Look, is Stafford a good quarterback? Of course he is. Through four years, he has already thrown for almost 12,000 yards and 77 touchdowns. He is coming off his first playoff berth, but Linehan is aware that there will need to be more seasons equivalent to last year’s if Stafford is to be compared to the greats.

“I mean, he’s not going to be mentioned in that category yet until we put together two or three seasons like we did last year in a row,” Linehan stated.

Really? Just two or three seasons? I think he’ll need more playoff seasons than that to be mentioned in the same category as the Mannings and the Bradys. And how about a Super Bowl title?

Also, Stafford needs to be consistently good. After coming off a monster year in which he threw for over 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns, this year, Stafford only has 17 touchdowns with slightly above 4,000 passing yards.

Look, I am certainly not hating on Stafford. He has done a lot in his four years so far and has a promising future. However, in order to be one of the greats, postseason play is crucial. Not only do you need to get there, but you also have to make something of it. Luckily for Stafford, he has a guy by the name of Calvin Johnson catching passes, so you certainly like his chances of succeeding.

Detroit’s 2009 No. 1 overall pick is chock-full of talent and potential, however, he needs to make a bigger name for himself to be mentioned as one of the best.

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