New York Jets: Seven rounds of QB options in 2013 NFL Draft

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Seven QB options for Jets during 2013 NFL Draft

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Plain and simple, the New York Jets need a new quarterback.

Mark Sanchez has proven over the past four years that he’s incapable of leading this team to victory consistently, and has a knack for churning out turnovers at the most inconvenient of times. One game, Sanchez shows glimpses of being a competent starter. The next, he looks like he isn’t completely aware of what entails playing the position.

With Tim Tebow, the Jets have nothing more than a role player who will never be a legitimate starting quarterback at the NFL level. The sparkplug playmaker is great at pulling wins out of thin air, but doesn’t have the arm, mechanics or quarterback instincts to be anything more than a gadget player. Regardless of what some say, he’s not a real option at quarterback for the Jets.

Although second-year passer Greg McElroy has fans in a frenzy following his game-winning touchdown pass, he’s still far from being a full-time starter. He has a whopping one NFL game under his belt and needs plenty more polish before the Jets can trust him with the reins. McElroy might be the future for the Jets, but not just yet.

That’s where the 2013 NFL Draft comes in.

With seven rounds available for the Jets to find their next starting quarterback, here’s a look at one option in each round that they should consider drafting when April rolls around. Although some might seem like much better options than others, you can never rule out the possibility of a late-rounder breaking out as the Jets’ next franchise quarterback.

If the New England Patriots could find a diamond in the rough, so can the Gang Green.

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First Round: Matt Barkley, USC

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Despite his 2012 struggles, there’s still plenty of NFL potential in the arm of Barkley. The Trojans passer has all of the physical tools to be an impact passer at the next level, but needs extra coaching and an injection of confidence to boost his game up to starter status. He has much more poise in the pocket that Sanchez could ever muster and is a proven winner. Barkley had a down year, but is still a top-notch NFL prospect who deserves some consideration.

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Second Round: Aaron Murray, Georgia

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Displaying the mechanics that the Jets haven’t seen from a quarterback of theirs in years, Murray is a well-rounded passer capable of developing into a quality starter. He has outstanding pocket presence and sneaky athleticism, allowing him to escape pressure and make plays with his feet. He does have some accuracy issues and often relies too heavily on his arm strength, but that’s a coachable flaw. Murray’s potential would definitely be worth consideration in the second round for a quarterback-needy team like the Jets.

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Third Round: Landry Jones, Oklahoma

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A couple of years ago, Jones was considering a top quarterback prospect with the potential to become an elite passer at the next level. And then the Sooner gunslinger’s stock plummeted in 2011 when he lost all of his confidence and swagger as injuries set in among his receiving corps. That potential is still present, but Jones needs to prove that he has the mental toughness to take advantage of his talents. If he does so, he’d be a steal for the Jets in the third round.

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Fourth Round: Matt Scott, Arizona

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Even though Scott has only had one year as a full-time starter, there’s still plenty of potential waiting to be harvested. With a hearty dose of athleticism and a surprisingly-efficient arm, he’s the type of sleeper that could exceed expectations at the next level. If the Jets could surround Scott with playmakers and give him some blocking, he could develop into a capable starter.

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Fifth Round: Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah

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The best small-school passer of the 2013 draft class, Sorensen has all of the physical tools to be a difference-maker in the NFL. With a blazing fastball and the athleticism to shred defenses on the ground, the BYU transfer could elevate his stock with an impressive pre-draft showing. He still needs plenty of work, especially with forcing passes, but has enough talent to start in the NFL.

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Sixth Round: Sean Renfree, Duke

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A traditional drop-back quarterback, Renfree is the type of sleeper that could fly under the radar and into a starting role. He has all of the tools – strong arm, leadership, football IQ – to succeed in an NFL offense. His stat line won’t blow anyone away, but his overall skill set has to have several teams considering him as a late-round option.

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Seventh Round: Seth Doege, Texas Tech

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Another product of the Red Raiders’ pass-heavy offense, Doege wasted no time putting up big numbers in his two years as their starting quarterback. Still, there is some intrigue considering his solid arm strength and commendable confidence in the pocket. He’s nothing more than a late-round flier at this point, but there’s always that off chance that he could evolve into something more if given the opportunity.

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