Is New Orleans Saints WR Devery Henderson Expendable?

By Alejandro Aviles


Devery Henderson
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New Orleans Saints wide receiver Devery Henderson has not had a good season at all this year. In 12 games this season Henderson has only made 21 receptions for 300 yards and one touchdown. At this rate Henderson is on pace to set a career low in total receiving yards for a season. Furthermore, Henderson has only been targeted 44 times this season and that is also a reason for his low production.

Henderson was supposed to have a big season for the Saints with the departure of Robert Meachem, but so far he has been very disappointing. With Henderson’s play this season I am wondering if Henderson is now expendable.

The Saints are incredibly deep at wide receiver and they could afford to let go of Henderson. Marques Colston is having another terrific season and Lance Moore is having a career year and is expected to reach the 1,000 receiving yard mark for the first time in his career. With Colston and Moore being the best receivers on the team it would leave Henderson as the number three receiver on the pecking order.

However, there is another player in the mix that could eventually take playing time away from Henderson. Joseph Morgan has been dynamic for the Saints this season and could take the number three wide receiver slot from Henderson.

In his first full season in the NFL Morgan has appeared in 11 games for the Saints and has shown signs of greatness. Morgan has only caught seven receptions this season but has recorded a staggering 310 receiving yards. Morgan also has caught two touchdown passes this season and of his seven receptions six of them was for 20 or more yards and four of them were for 40 or more yards.

The Saints definitely have found a diamond in the rough with Morgan and Henderson could soon find himself out of New Orleans. Morgan is a situational deep threat who uses his speed to break free and make the big play. Henderson has never been that type of player and Morgan just has more upside and potential. Furthermore, Morgan is six years younger than Henderson and could be a great receiver for the Saints for years to come.

I hate to say it but I think with the development of Morgan and having Colston and Moore playing at a high level Henderson is definitely expendable. Based on his performance this season the Saints could move him out and look for another receiver to replace him on the depth chart. Best case scenario would be to trade Henderson for some younger talent or hold on to him and hope for better production next season. What do you think?

Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312


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