NFL Rumors: New York Jets Expect to Have Tim Tebow Back on the Field on Monday?

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Tim Tebow Back on the Field
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Tim Tebow fans have been let down mightily this season. The uber-popular aspiring quarterback has been a dud in his first season with the New York Jets, only getting on the field for 68 offensive snaps all season.

Tebow, who has yet to play more than 12 offensive snaps in any game, has been a complete no-show over the past month, as head coach Rex Ryan has held him out since mid-November after Tebow broke a few ribs.

Despite a roller-coaster season, the Jets remain in the playoff hunt with three games to play. That means that any cries asking to turn to Tim Tebow as the starting quarterback will continue to fall on deaf ears, as they should.

However, Tebow fans don’t have to fret. It’s possible that the prodigal son will be able to get back on the field this week, when the Jets play the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football.

Rex Ryan has been coy about Tebow’s availability. Earlier in the week, he said that Tebow was improving health-wise, but he wasn’t so sure if Tebow could resume his Wildcat role and his punt protector duties on special teams.

Yet, on Friday, Ryan gushed about Tebow’s Thursday practice, and perhaps as a bit of gamesmanship on the coach’s part, he declared Tebow good to go for Monday’s game, in all of his usual roles as a New York Jet.

“He moved around great,” Ryan said. “This is the best he’s looked in several weeks, so we’ll see. There could be a chance he does the Wildcat. We’ll see. He moved around that good. We may get him back in similar roles.”

It’s hard to know how ready Tebow will be, but the 25-year-old did say that he’s feeling better every day. He’s been a team-first player all season long, and whatever he can do to help the Jets get a victory, Tebow will do it.

The Jets need to win their final three games in order to have a shot at the postseason, so the margin for error is minimal at best. Tim Tebow has a skill-set that the Jets would be wise to utilize if he’s healthy enough to play.

Will we see Tim Tebow back on an NFL field on Monday, for the first time in a month?

There’s only one way to find out.


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