Regis Philbin Doesn't Think Dallas Cowboys Will Win Super Bowl With Tony Romo

By Ben Grimaldi
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It’s a new day, which means there’s a new person voicing their opinion that the Dallas Cowboys will never win the Super Bowl with Tony Romo at quarterback. This time it was football guru Regis Philbin. He was on ESPN’s First Take when he said it and we all know how credible that show is.

Still, it’s not like any Cowboys fan has never heard that stroke of genius before so thanks Rege for your insightful commentary.

When it comes to Tony Romo I just have one question, does anyone have an original thought? It’s always the same stuff when it comes to Romo, he can’t win the big game, he’s a choker and almost every quarterback in the league is better than he is.

Well pardon me if I don’t believe any of that because it’s garbage. Tony Romo has won plenty of big games in his career and while I’ve, and plenty of Cowboys fans, have gotten tired of defending Romo, there’s one other important question everyone who doubts Tony Romo should ask themselves.

How good were the Dallas Cowboys before Tony Romo became their starting quarterback?

The answer is pretty bad. They were floundering through three 5-11 seasons and a 6-10 season on their way to a record of 40-56 in the post Troy Aikman era. That included one playoff appearance during the Bill Parcells years and that was because of a defense that was one of the best in the game.

Plain and simple, the Dallas Cowboys were bad without a legitimate quarterback and there was no talk of the Super Bowl with the likes of Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde or Drew Bledsoe playing the position. Tony Romo is the quarterback who’s brought that hope and faith back to the Cowboys organization and now people want to kill him at every chance they get.

To understand what I’m saying, despite his flaws, no Tony Romo, no shot. The only reason we can talk about the playoffs every year is because of Romo. Without him, we aren’t talking about Super Bowls and playoffs, we’re talking about another high draft pick.

That’s the responsibility that comes with being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo accepts that. He deserves much more credit than the blame he receives. It’s not his fault that his owner pushes his delusions of winning a Super Bowl onto a entire fan base but he’s forced to deal with it.

Tony Romo has been a very good quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and anyone who thinks he isn’t capable of winning a Super Bowl doesn’t have a clue. They also don’t have an original thought, which may bother me more.

If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, be proud of Tony Romo and be glad you’re team isn’t searching for their next quarterback, ask the Miami Dolphins fans how that process is going.

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