Titans vs. Jets NFL Week 15 Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Mike Munchak against Colts
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are three weeks left in the regular season in the NFL. All three of these following games are extremely important to the Tennessee Titans. They may be down on their luck but they have not given up yet.

The New York Jets are next on the Titans list this coming Monday and really the Jets have not had that great of a season yet either. They can’t even decide consistently on a quarterback. Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow have the key rolls but with Sanchez not playing his best and Tebow having cracked ribs, the Titans may be up against Greg McElroy.

It’s not to say though that’s it is going to be an easy game for the Titans. McElroy has been able to be a game changer for the Jets and they are looking to confuse the Titans dysfunctional offense during week 15. The Titans were almost able to handle the Indianapolis Colts last week but yet again fell just short.

They need to get better in the red zone and better on third down, I know it is easier said than done but it needs to happen. If Jake Locker can connect solidly with Chris Johnson, Nate Washington, Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright, there would be no problem. He has great resources he needs to execute them and the receivers need to take advantage of the valuable time they have with the ball.

Over the last five weeks the Titans statistics have only gotten worse. They are only averaging about 200 passing yards per game with seventeen First downs per game.

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