'Almost' Anthony Spencer Has Become Dallas Cowboys' Best Defensive Player

By Ben Grimaldi


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In training camp, Rob Ryan told us how good outside linebacker Anthony Spencer was and that we were going to see the best of him this season for the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan was right, in fact, Spencer has been the Cowboys best defensive player this year.

Many people cringed at the Cowboys making him their franchise player because they didn’t see the worthiness of Spencer. He was called ‘Almost’ Anthony because he usually got close to sacks but rarely got them and people were wondering why you would pay $8.8 million for a run stopping outside linebacker?

Anthony Spencer has given everyone the season we had all hoped he would when he was drafted by the Cowboys. Here are some quick numbers from Spencer this season, 76, as in tackles which is already a new career high. He has also set a new career high in sacks as well with 8.5 so far this season. Spencer also leads the Cowboys is tackles for a loss with 10, one more than DeMarcus Ware.

A few of these stats may not be as high because the Cowboys defense has lost so many great players but that makes my point that Spencer has been Dallas’ best defensive player. He’s stepped up and made plays when they’ve needed them.

Actually, the way Anthony Spencer has played he’s the Dallas Cowboys MVP this season!

Don’t buy it? Maybe you need a closer look, four of Spencer’s sacks have come in the fourth quarter and both of his forced fumbles. His sack on Andy Dalton late in the game last week gave the Cowboys offense the ball for the game winning drive. By comparison, DeMarcus Ware also has four sacks in the fourth quarter but only one of his forced fumbles.

However, if you remember, Spencer missed the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens game with an injury so his numbers could be even better. The Cowboys lost both of those games and the Cowboys couldn’t get a big stop in the fourth quarter against the Ravens, so it sure looks like Spencer was missed.

There is no way getting around it, Anthony Spencer is not only the Cowboys defensive MVP but their team MVP. Injuries have forced players to step up and Spencer has been outstanding this season.

The question now is, can Dallas afford to re-sign Spencer? He’s made himself a ton of money with the season he’s having and it would be tough for the cash strapped Cowboys to pay the franchise tag for him again, this time at just over $10 million for the year. The Cowboys need to make re-signing Spencer priority number one this off-season because he’s worth it.

Rob Ryan was right about Anthony Spencer, we’ve seen the best from him this year and his best is really good.

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