Can Greg Jennings Earn A New Contract With The Green Bay Packers?

By AJEnno
Jeff Hanlsh-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings would like to know if anyone has had a more terrible contract year in the NFL.

Mr. “Be Great” has had a nightmare of a season which has seen him only play in five games, one of which he couldn’t finish. In the off-season, there were reports that no contract talks were on the table with the Green Bay Packers, and Jennings would most likely seek work elsewhere next year. With this injury situation occurring I feel that Jennings should take less to play for the Packers.

I think it will come down to these last three games for Jennings to prove whether he’s worthy of a new contract with the Packers. Through 5 games Jennings has only accumulated: 151 yds receiving, 1 touchdown and 17 receptions. Albeit Jennings hasn’t been healthy all season, but he’s been back for two games. Before his return he claimed that he was healthiest that he’d ever been. The Packers may be getting too crowded for Jennings.

Second year phenom Randall Cobb has covered up the spot left by Jennings as the Packers play-maker. Jordy Nelson has had a good year, but he’s also been hampered by injuries. James Jones is the next man up who has had the best year of the his career with 9 touchdowns receiving thus far. You have your top three receivers right there: Cobb, Nelson and Jones. That leaves Jennings as the odd man out.

The Packers could also save money by letting Jennings walk. With contracts coming up like Clay Matthews, BJ Raji and Aaron Rodgers, it would seem like doom and gloom for Jennings situation. I just hope we don’t have to see him go to a division rival, and put up big numbers against the Pack. As Packer fans we’re all accustomed to the aforementioned scenario.

We have a few more months until we find out if Jennings will be a Packer for life. This developing story is worth keeping an eye on.

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