Green Bay Packers' Jermichael Finley Needs To Let His Play Do The Talking

By AJEnno
Jeff Hanlsh-USA TODAY sports

During the 2009 season you could hear me proclaiming “this Jermichael Finley guy is going to be a beast!” Now in 2012 I’m taking back everything I’ve ever said about Finley. His dissension as one of my favorite players began in 2010, when he complained about not being involved in the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl picture. At that point I gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured it was a good point by Finley, who was placed on injured reserve earlier that season. Then came this season.

At the beginning of the off season Finley had proclaimed himself a whole new player, who was going to shock the world with his play. The tight end even said he was going to quit Twitter for the season so he could focus mainly on football. At the time I applauded Finley for this mature act, because as we know Finley likes to do most of his talking on Twitter. This all changed during the “Fail Mary” game against the Seattle Seahawks when Finley magically appeared back on Twitter to say:

 “Come on @NFL. This sh** is getting out of Control. (Cost) us a DAMN game. Horrible!”

and later added:

 “@NFL Cheap (as) hell!! Get us some NFL REFS! Not PEE WEE league refs.”

Now after that game the players fans were all angry, but I was angry with Finley for breaking his silence. It seemed like he couldn’t stay away from Twitter during a controversial period, he had to put his two cents in. After he broke his Twitter silence and his promise to the fans, he has continued as a mainstay on Twitter. After this it only got worse as Finley started to do interviews where he seemed angry that Aaron Rodgers wasn’t getting him the ball enough. It came out of no where, because as fans we know Rodgers always targets Finley as much as he can.

It was at this point where I came to the realization that Finley may never be the player we had hoped, because he doesn’t know when to just shut up and let his play do the talking. Earlier this week Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall came out trash talking the Packers secondary, and saying that he “really dislikes” the Packers players. Then Finley had to come out, and open his mouth about the Bears defense being better without LB Brian Urlacher. This angered me, because this Packers team is filled with players who don’t stir the pot while letting their play do the talking, except for Finley.

I bet Finley will have a terrible game against the Bears this week, because he is nothing but talk! I’m tired of him opening up his mouth at inopportune times and then not backing any of it up. It’d be nice if the team would put a gag order on Finley and ban him from any future interviews. It’s getting to the point where reporters are just going to Finley to get great quotes for their articles. Finley seems too dumb to realize this, as he has no idea how to talk to the press.

Maybe Finley will surprise me and get back to that 2009 form, but until he does he’ll be one Packer I’ve disliked the most in all my years.


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