Green Bay Packers' Tramon Williams Faces Toughest Task

By AJEnno
Jeff Hanlsh-USA Today Sports

Wednesday afternoon some extra unneeded motivation was given to DB Tramon Williams, as if he needed it. Chicago Bears wide receiver, Brandon Marshall took his opportunity Wednesday to tell the Chicago media how much he “disliked” the Green Bay Packers and their players, Williams and Charles Woodson. Woodson was ruled out for Sunday, but Williams will be lining up across from Marshall.

Williams had arguably his best game as a Packer  earlier this season against the Bears, when he held Marshall to 24 yards on just 2 receptions. That total is Marshalls second lowest output of the season.  I believe this week Williams will have to do even better than he did in week two, which means shutting Marshall down completely.This will be the hardest task the seventh year defensive back has faced, as Marshall has gained over 160 yards in his last two outings. So what will Williams have to do?  Trust in himself.

If Williams plays within himself I believe he can take Marshall out of the game. Williams must be in the right place at the right time when defending Marshall. Any mistake can lead to a big play by Marshall, who waits for DB’s to make these mistakes. Williams must trust his teammates to be in the right positions as well. I have faith Williams is up for this task, especially the new found motivation he received from Marshall.

Williams plays with an aggressiveness that forces receivers off their mark and makes them uncomfortable. If Williams were to frustrate Marshall early it could be the key. Marshall has been known to be somewhat of a head case, and when he gets frustrated he tends to disappear entirely from the game.

If Williams were to shut down Marshall again, I feel we can finally say he is back to his Pro-Bowl form. This would be perfect for a team like the Packers who could be peaking at the right time.

I don’t believe that stopping Marshall should be placed solely on Williams shoulders, but he’s going to be the guy faced with the brunt of the work. Ultimately it will be a team effort to shut down the focal point of the Bears offense. We will see if the Williams and his defensive mates are up for the task.

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