Minnesota Vikings: Passing Game Just a Bonus at this Point

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Things haven’t quite panned out the way the Minnesota Vikings would have liked this season for their second-year quarterback Christian Ponder. The team ranks dead-last in the league, averaging only 172.6 yards a contest through the air. In today’s NFL, that’s pretty sad.

Now all the blame shouldn’t fall on Ponder, but a lot of it has to. You’d think that even the most average of quarterbacks could at least throw for 100 yards every game, but Ponder has failed to do so three times this season.

It’s been so disappointing to see Ponder’s regression after a very good start to the 2012 campaign. Part of it is the absence of Percy Harvin, but even without him Ponder should be putting up better numbers.

If you plugged in all the other starting quarterbacks in the league into the Vikings system, I’m going to bet 85% percent of them would have better numbers than Ponder. He’s got the best running back in the league behind him, but yet he just can’t connect down the field even with nine guys in the box at times.

Sad to say, but at this point any production from the passing game is just a bonus. If the Vikings can somehow establish an attack through the air Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, it will likely give them the edge they need to pull of a must-win road game. However, you just can’t count on it.

I’m going into the Rams game expecting to see the exact same game plan that was used last week: run it, run it, and run it some more, and hopefully the defense makes some plays along the way.

All I ask of Ponder at this point, is to not turn it over.


Vikings vs. Rams Preview

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