NFL Draft 2013: Chicago Bears Missing Deep Threat Aspect

By Dominique Blanton
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears passing offense has underperformed this season for a number of reasons. First time play caller, Mike Tice has had a rough season in that aspect; the offensive line has been woeful throughout the year, run game has taken a step back this season to where defenses are stopping the ground game with just the front seven, and no threats outside of Brandon Marshall.

The one consistent problem that has hampered the Bears passing attack is a lack of an explosive player at the wide receiver position. Marshall for as great as he is, is not the most explosive receiver. He will occasionally get open deep down the field, but he’s mainly a possession WR and dynamic red zone option. Same can be said for rookie Alshon Jeffery, whose skill-set is eerily similar to Marshall’s.

Earl Bennett is also a possession receiver who does his damage in the middle of the field from the slot. He has been one of the more disappointing player’s on offense this season. Devin Hester has the deep speed, but has trouble locating the football when in the air (keep in mind this is his six season playing the position). The Bears need that burner to compliment Marshall and Jeffery. A speedster that can take the top off a defense will open up more room for Marshall and Jeffery underneath to operate.

Ideal Prospect for the Bears: Tevin Reese Baylor

Adding an explosive player of Reese caliber would be helpful in an offense that struggles mightily to generate explosive plays down the field. Reese has been very productive for the Baylor Bears; the WR has caught 51 receptions for 889 yards and eight touchdowns so far this year. Reese can hurt defenses with his 4.4 speed down the field, and when he gets the ball in space.

In an offense like the Bears, Reese could be used similar to how the Green Bay Packers utilize Randall Cobb. Reese is not as polished as Cobb, but you can use his explosive ability in 3-WR sets to create favorable match-ups and take pressure off Marshall and Jeffery.

He has experience working from the slot, last year where he took a back seat to Terrance Williams and Kendall Wright. Even as the third WR that year he put up solid numbers catching 51 passes for 877 yards and seven touchdowns.  That should tell he could be comfortable as the team’s third WR behind Marshall and Jeffery.

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