NFL Football: The Show Must Go On...


Two weeks ago, Jovan Belcher went on a shooting rampage killing his girlfriend and then himself outside of the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility. Yesterday, we were robbed of beautiful children and innocent adults thanks to a horrible tragedy. When will it end?

I am blessed to have two beautiful children. You better believe when I saw them last night it was especially special. But there are parents that didn’t have the same luxury yesterday. And I cannot even fathom what last night was like in those homes. There are no words that can ever comfort those families.

Like all of you, I love football. I look forward to my Sundays with the Chicago Bears. However, it got me thinking about our society. I actually spend time, money and emotions on a group of men beating the crap out of other men. For years, we really didn’t think much about how these guys are impacted after games and their playing days. But as we learn more about tragedies like Belcher, we’re starting to see that players are dealing with the horrific after-effects of being pulverized for our entertainment.

I’m not suggesting that the game of football end, but I am saying that perhaps we need to better understand and address mental illness and injuries. It spreads throughout all walks of life. What would make a person walk into a school and shoot people? What would make a football player in the prime of his career shoot his girlfriend and himself? Both of these questions tie into a bigger concern. Instead of denying there’s a problem, it is time to take these things more seriously.

Over the next few months, the speculation will begin on the mental state of the shooter Adam Lanza. My one question will remain, what did we do as a society to help Lanza? What caused him to become a monster? Let’s stop denying there’s a problem and start fixing it.

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