The Arizona Cardinals should be left off the Pro Bowl Roster

By Kase Brammer
patrick Peterson Arizona Cardinals
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There are a few players on the Arizona Cardinals that should join their fellow athletes around the NFL in the Pro Bowl. LB Daryl Washington and CB Patrick Peterson are having what most teams would call a Pro Bowl year, but do they really want to remember this season because of the Pro Bowl? I would say no because the best way to forget a season is not being able to associate something with it.

I feel like WR Larry Fitzgerald wants to forget this season. He is not close to Pro Bowl numbers this year and has expressed his frustration with the lack of winning, but not with his teammates. I am sure he will be happy if one of his teammates gets the nod, that is just who he is, but he has to be looking forward to the off-season. He is tired of losing.

The Cardinals have already lost nine games in a row this season and I just do not think they are good enough to feel good about sending anybody to the Pro Bowl. Football’s All-Star game is a joke, but players still get to say they are one of the best at their position. The greatest players have made the Pro Bowl more than a handful of times in their career and it’s a great way to measure success.

The Cardinals have not experienced a lot of success this year. There was the four game win streak at the beginning of the season that had them in the top five of most NFL Power Rankings, but since then, they have lost nine games. Those nine games have led to a 23 spot drop in the rankings. No team that has been so bad over the last ten weeks should have any way to measure the success of their team because there is none.

Watching the Cardinals lose week after week is not something a fan can take pride in. They are embarrassed to talk to their friends because they know they root for the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers or any other team that gets a lot of bandwagon fans.  Fans need to remember that they still have their “birdgang” and nothing can take that away. This has just not been a great year and the team should not get any awards so they don’t remember this entire season.

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