The New York Giants Need To Re-Sign Victor Cruz And Do It Now

By jason evans
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants and Victor Cruz have long been rumored to have the framework for a contract extension. However, no deal has been agreed to. Apparently, Cruz is saying that the team and his representation are exchanging proposals and when they reach something then he will sign it. My question is, what are the Giants waiting for?

He’s become one of the faces of the franchise. I know that gets talked about a lot more in baseball than football, however, the premise still holds for other sports. When people think of the Giants, they probably think about Eli Manning first and then Cruz second. He’s a kid who grew up down the street from the stadium. Everyone loves his salsa dance. Why not just give him the deal he deserves?

The thing is if they don’t sign him now, some team may come in with an inflated contract during restricted free agency. Then he becomes too costly to afford and they have to let him go. Cruz and Manning have developed a solid relationship and Cruz has been the security blanket that Manning can go to and Manning always looks for him. A lot of the time, the key to stopping the Giants offense is stopping Cruz.

The Giants have no reason for letting this situation linger any longer. They should get it done now before Cruz leaves. The Texas Rangers never thought Josh Hamilton was going to leave and looked what happened. There’s no reason for the Giants and Cruz to go down a similar path.

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