Adrian Peterson Continues MVP Campaign in Win Over St. Louis Rams

By Andrew Fisher
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who has followed Adrian Peterson‘s 2012 season has been witness to one of the most remarkable seasons in NFL history. That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s true on many different levels.

Peterson continued his mad tear on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, as he racked up another 212 yards and a touchdown on the ground, bringing his season yard total to 1,812. On any normal year, that’s an amazing season, but when you consider the fact he’s coming off of reconstructive knee surgery, the results become even more amazing.

I’ve heard it all about AP at this point: he’s not human, he’s a beast, best running back in the league. All might be true, but another name that could be associated with Peterson in the near future is MVP.

There’s no question that he’s been in the conversation for several weeks now, but after Sunday’s performance, he may have just become the favorite.

The Minnesota Vikings sit at 8-6, still in very much in playoff contention, and this is almost solely because of No. 28.

Does anyone else really mean more to their team? I’m starting to think not.

The Denver Broncos made the playoffs a season ago without Peyton Manning, and the New England Patriots have won 10 games without Tom Brady. What would the Vikings be lwithout Adrian Peterson? Maybe a three-win team? There’s a very solid argument to be made for AP being THE most valuable to his team.

So with two games left, Peterson sits only 293 yards behind Eric Dickerson‘s all-time record for rushing yards in a season. If he can find a way to break the record, I don’t know how you couldn’t call him the Most Valuable Player in the NFL.

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