Brian Hartline Eclipses 1,000 Receiving Yards

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

This is the 13th season since Dan Marino retired from the Miami Dolphins and the NFL (article on why I consider Marino the best quarterback ever is HERE). Since then Miami has trotted 17 different starting quarterbacks out there. With that sort of inconsistency and poor play it is clear why Miami has a total of three wide receivers amass over 1,000 receiving yards in a season since 2000.

In 2005 Gus Frerotte hooked up with Chris Chambers 82 times. Chambers totaled 1,118 receiving yards that season. In 2010 Chad Henne completed 86 passes to Brandon Marshall to the tune of 1,014 receiving yards. The two got together 81 times last season for a total of 1,214 yards.

This season Brian Hartline has eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark. In late September Hartline went off in a game vs the Arizona Cardinals for 253 yards on a dozen catches. His lone touchdown of 2012 was a 80-yard catch-and- run in that game.

If there is something that does detract from Hartline’s 2012 it is his measly one touchdown. Marshall had three and six touchdowns in his big Dolphins seasons, and Chambers took it to the house 11 times when he got his 1,000+ in 2005.

Hartline has almost twice as many receiving yards on the road as he does at home. Hartline has three games north of 100 receiving yards this season, two of those coming on the road. Against the AFC East Hartline is averaging four catches for 54 yards and has zero touchdowns.

Davone Bess missed this weeks game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he is just 222 receiving yards shy of 1,000. Dolfans have excuses lined up for why Ryan Tannehill has struggled so mightily in his rookie season, and the main one is the “lack of talent” around him. The Dolphins are thiiis close to having a pair of 1,000 yard receivers which is rare in the NFL, and unheard of for this organization since Mr. Marino hung up his cleats for the final time.

Significantly more production (scoring) is required from Hartline (just one touchdown in 67 catches is downright bad) but surely congratulations on 1,000+ are in order.

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