Chicago Bears: Excuses Breed Mediocrity As Slide Continues

By alibud69
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After watching yet another mediocre Chicago Bears performance, I sit wondering where this team will go next.

The Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers Sunday 21-13 it yet another forgettable outing for many members of this roster.

Yet regardless of the Bears poor adjustments from coaches, lack of execution from players and in the case of Kellen Davis just a complete lack of talent.

I have no doubt that I will hear the same old tired excuses all week from HC Lovie Smith and OC Mike Tice, where they will say all the right things to only showcase all the wrong things come Sunday.

I have had many epiphanies during this Bears slump one of them is that the Bears are an 8-8 team, who some seasons will muster enough wins for a playoff push, in others will fail miserably and every excuse under the sun will plucked from various backsides in this organisation to gloss over their glaring failures as a group.

This team has shown that there is a plan A and when it works it looks great and opposing teams are meant to look complete stupid because of it.

However since 2006 and perhaps throughout the whole Lovie Smith era the failure of this organisation to gameplan for a plan B, C or D. Frankly it has stifled this teams development, meaning it has never got to anywhere near its true potential.

Everyone can sit blaming Jerry Angelo for this organisations failings as much as they want, lord knows he has played a big part in it stagnation, but the simple fact remains, he is no longer here, Jay Cutler is not injured, yet the Bears have collapsed from a great position for the second season running.

On Sunday an interception at a crucial point, stupid penalties, bad route running throughout, poor pass protection and running blocking and an inability to execute plays highlighted in the failed goal line attempts of Matt Forte in the redzone needing 1 yard off of 3 plays killed the offense.

On Defense an inability to stop 3rd and long conversions, put up any resistance to the Packers slot receiver slant routes, poor run defense and just bad play from Bears’ such as D.J Moore and Kelvin Hayden, meant the Bears Defense allowed points at crucial times and frankly look very ordinary, this is being polite in my opinion as well.

Devin Hester is worse than useless in all phases of the game he partakes in. After four seasons he and Cutler still have zero chemistry.

Hester is football stupid which was fine before he started playing football scared and stopped making his explosive Special Teams plays as a result.

Today was just another week in a terrible season for him, Hester has become obsolete he is basically the Bears appendix; he had a use once but now does more harm than good.

There are many reasons why this team did not win today, bottom of the list was the disgusting officiating, but no doubt many fans will use this as an excuse for this festering example of mediocrity.

In short if the Bears ever want to win another Superbowl, GM Phil Emery has to fire the coaches and make tough personnel decisions to stop this stagnation for the long term benefit of this organisation.

The Lovie Smith era winning a Superbowl is a pipe dream, the sooner the Bears realize this, the sooner they can really become a contender to win it all on a yearly basis.

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