Chicago Bears: My Post-Game Analysis

By Dominique Blanton
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears lose to the Green Bay Packers 21-13, here’s my analysis on what could possibly be a franchise changing lost.


Aaron Rodgers score 21 points to Jay Cutler Seven: That should really tell you a whole lot about the game. Cutler continues to struggle against the Packers as he has lost six straight games against the Packers (including the playoffs back in 2010). It went downhill for the Bears when Cutler threw an awful interception to Casey Heyward before the end of the first half. Heyward returned it back to Bears territory where Rodgers followed by throwing his second touchdown. Even when the Bears were given great opportunities; rather it was the pass interference or Packers jerk move to go for a lateral pass on a punt return that they fumble, Cutler couldn’t deliver in a critical game for the Bears.

It has becoming a recurring theme in the Cutler era, where he can’t win the big games for the team. Fans need to stop comparing Cutler to past Bears quarterbacks and start comparing him to the rest of the great QB’s in the league.  When you start to do that you begin to ask yourself the question if he’s a guy you can win a championship with?

Offense the main reason behind loss: Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers effectively shut down Brandon Marshall, so the Bears needed others to step up. Devin Hester was invisible throughout the game; Matt Forte continues to not live up to his contract and Alshon Jeffery is just a rookie and apparently the refs knew that also. The offensive line was dreadful to the point where it saw various line changes, because of injuries and ineffective play throughout the game.

Offensive coordinator Mike Tice had no answer for what Capers was throwing at him all afternoon, a bit similar to the last meeting back in Green Bay.


Overall Analysis: I tweeted after the Packers went up 14-7 that the Bears could melt down from that point; they certainly did just that. This game put in the perspective how far the Bears are behind Packers from not only a talent standpoint but also a coaching one.

The Bears are currently in eighth place in the playoff race which leaves them on the outside looking in. They need to win the next two games along with getting some help from other teams in order to make the playoffs. A damn shame considering the Bears were 7-1 before losing five out of their last six games.

With players showing frustrations towards fans and calling for accountability even if it means jobs are lost, it sure do look like the end is near for this Lovie Smith regime.

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