Chicago Bears Need To Play Like They Talk

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have won the battle of words this week. As a Bears fan, I wish these guys would have taken the two previous games as seriously as they’ve been running their collective mouths. Brandon Marshall, Lance Briggs and J’Marcus Webb have been talking and Brian Urlacher felt disrespected by Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. This has been meathead fest at its best with fans applauding the ridiculous chatter coming from the Bears camp.

But the bottom line is the Bears need to show up and play today. There are no excuses anymore. Less than a month ago, the Bears looked like one of the NFC‘s biggest contenders. In that time, they’ve completely lost focus and motivation. They’re acting like the regular season is a formality. Quite frankly, while I do not need Lovie Smith to act like a wacko, I’m wondering why his team hasn’t felt any urgency the past few weeks? If this team fails to make the playoffs, the buck needs to stop with Smith. He can continue to fire one coordinator after another, but the issue lies with the soft-spoken Smith.

There’s a game to be played today. The Bears need to win and convince themselves that they’re not quite dead. However, I do not hold much faith that the Bears will win today or even make the playoffs. There’s something missing from this team, and I am just not sure they’ll find it. Based on talent and shelf life, this aging team better feel a sense of urgency. I’m fearing that there’s plenty of dark days to come. Making a statement today against the Packers is what this team needs. I’ll keep the faith.

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