Chicago Bears: Referees Showcase A Shocking Display

By alibud69
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday 21-13 and many fans will be blaming the loss on the frankly disgusting refereeing display that was on show at Soldier Field.

Whilst I am not one of those fans, lets face it the Bears did plenty wrong to lose this game that has decided the NFC North title for another season, it does not change simple fact that the officiating in this game was utterly deplorable.

Although it may have seemed like the Bears where solely on the receiving end of this disgraceful officiating performance had they won, trust me the Packers themselves would have had plenty of moments to cry about after the game.

Many calls where missed only for bogus makeup calls to be handed out on the next play. If the officials miss a call, I hate nothing more than them throwing flags on the next down to make up for it. Frankly it is intensely annoying.

The main point of contention for Bears fans will be the utter lack of consistency shown in calls surrounding Bears WR Alshon Jeffery.

Being a Bears fan I am naturally going to gravitate towards calling all three of the pass interference calls on Jeffery as bogus, at a push borderline. However if the refs are going to call a game where they don’t allow guys to play hard then it has to be equally called on both sides of the ball.

Now only one of the calls Jeffery received did I agree with, had the shoe been on the other foot and these calls gone against the Packers wide receivers I would have been saying the Bears got some lucky calls in their favour.

The non holding penalty on CB Sam Shields at the end of the game really summed up the complete disparity in how inconsistent the game had been called throughout.

Bad teams find ways to lose; the Bears lost this game not because of the officiating (which didn’t help) but because of the mediocrity of their offense.

When the Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in week 4 to a dubious end of game call, I said if you are blaming officials for a loss you never did enough to win in the first place.

The Bears did not do enough to win on all sides of the ball; as a result they only have to look at the guys next to them in the locker room to discover why they lost.

That being said, today’s performance by the officials had a distinctly replacement ref feel to it and the NFL should take action against this crew so it doesn’t happen again.

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