Dez Bryant Should Just Go Get Surgery Now

By Andy Schmidt
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Week 15 of the National Football League season brings many storylines with one major one in the finger injury for Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant says if the Cowboys weren’t in the playoff hunt, he would have just gone in for the surgery already. I really think it would be best if Bryant would go even with Dallas in the hunt.

Bryant may not be any help to the Dallas offense with the broken finger and how much pain he can deal with. It’s not like the Cowboys have an easy opponent Sunday either with the Pittsburgh Steelers so Bryant could end up being shut down anyway. A wide receiver’s best asset is their hands and when the hands don’t work, it usually means not a ton of success for that player. If Bryant is smart, he will change his mind about this and just go in and get the finger fixed right away.

The Cowboys may surprise many and win without him out there. It’s not too likely but anything is possible and if Bryant were to miss 2-4 weeks with the finger, that is just a guess by me, Bryant could be back for a playoff game with his finger at full strength. It just seems too risky to go out there with the broken finger and risk suffering further damage to it at this point. Bryant has a bright career ahead of him and it would be a shame if a silly finger injury were to hurt the progress he has made in the second half of this season.

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