Ed Hochuli Continues To Be The Most Embarrassing Referee In Football

By Riley Schmitt
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Hochuli might be the most self-serving person in football. The referee is more famous for his biceps than the work he does on the field. On Sunday night, Ed gave us one of the strangest moments in football history with one of the worst calls in history.

In the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, Hochuli butchered a call so badly that it wasted about 15 minutes of real time.  In reality, the call was not that hard to make.  However, we ended up with a long-winded explanation that made things more confusing.  There were plenty of upset fans and the coaches for both teams spent a good amount of time screaming at the crew.

I have never seen a call so bad that both teams were upset about it.  No one knew what was going on and it ended up dragging the first half out forever.  However, this is nothing new for Hochuli.  He has always been more about the show than the actual substance of the game.  Everything ends up being about him.  He takes three times as long to explain a simple call than any normal human would.  It ends up hurting the game.

Hochuli is certainly not one of the best refs, but he does end up entertaining people.  Then again, sometimes it is more because of the train wreck that he ends up being.  His presence constantly hurts the game of football and we are all worse off for it.


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