Josh Brent's Presence on the Dallas Cowboys Sideline is Unacceptable

By Kris Hughes
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


By now, anyone who follows the NFL closely is aware of the story of Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent and his role in the tragic death of teammate Jerry Brown due to a drunk driving-related accident.

Since Brown’s death, Brent and Brown’s family have talked and a relative amount of forgiveness– whatever is possible in such a tragic situation– seems to be there for Brent’s actions. Given this, the Cowboys made the decision to allow Brent to stand on the sideline during the team’s game with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas this afternoon.

This decision is flat out unacceptable.

The message it sends is this:

While we don’t agree with Josh Brent’s decision to drive drunk and the damage this caused, we support him as a player. This support includes us allowing him to stand on the sideline giggling and laughing with teammates while the memory of his teammate’s death lingers in the not-so-distant past.

Does this make sense to you? How can the Cowboys act like everything is hunky-dory when Josh Brent is more than likely facing jail time for his actions.

The counter-argument to this, to which I have already been privy on social media, is that Brent should be allowed to be there with his teammates and have their support and also have a few hours to put everything in the background given the hard times he is facing ahead.

If you or I were involved in a drunk driving accident which caused the death of our best friends, would we be granted the same luxury? Could I show up to my job the next Monday morning and act like all is well in the world?

I think you know the answer to that one– I won’t insult your intelligence any further.

So, in short, congratulations Jerry Jones, you’ve managed to screw the pooch yet again.

Don’t know why I would expect anything less.

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