Oakland Raiders snap six-game losing streak

By Jeremy Hayes
Dennis Allen- Kirby Lee
Kirby Lee- US Presswire


The Oakland Raiders shutout the Kansas City Chiefs 15-0 to get their first win in seven games.

The Raiders (4-10) have had a six-game losing streak, having fans question if they were the worst team in the league. It is settled now that the Chiefs will most likely finish with the worst record and be rewarded with the first overall pick in the draft.

Sebastian Janikowski won the game for the Raiders putting up all their points with five total field goals. This lackluster battle between two of the NFL’s worst was more than a yawn-fest, but also dragged to the point of being far from watchable.

It was good for the Raiders to finish off their home games with a win, but will now go on the road for their final two games. They will face the Carolina Panthers followed by the San Diego Chargers to close out the season.

No one can ever say that winning is bad, but if you are a Raiders fan you have to be a little displeased knowing you do not have a second-round draft pick and they are now losing position. That first-round pick is beyond valuable since they lack power in the later rounds of the draft, so winning is hurting their future but helping their already lost season.

No fan wants the Raiders to go on a win streak at the end of this year. The Raiders looked a little stronger against the Chiefs, so it will be interesting to see what they do against some other mediocre teams.

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