An Open Letter to the Chicago Bears' Phil Emery


Dear Phil Emery,

The Chicago Bears should be one of the league’s elite franchises, and yet, you will once again fail to make the playoffs. This falls 100 percent on management and the buck needs to stop with your stubborn and inconsistent head coach. Team president Ted Phillips and company have botched way too many important moments, so I didn’t like your hire in the first place. If there’s not some major changes this off season, you’ll reinforce my notion that your nothing more than a rube that works on the cheap.

Let me help you better understand some things. Lovie Smith‘s idea of accountability is about as warped as Chicago’s weather is predicable. He’ll happily fire a coach that isn’t performing, but keep guys around that are failing miserably. Why does receivers coach Darryl Drake or tight ends coach coach Mike DeBord still have jobs? If you haven’t noticed,your wide receivers (and I won’t include Brandon Marshall because he was good before he got to the Bears) are football stupid and your tight ends have set the position back 50 years. Tell me one wide receiver Drake has made better (or even more importantly not made worse)?

You’re not exactly free of all of this either. Your top choice Shea McClellin, while he’s shown some flashes, didn’t you think that possibly this concussion thing might be an issue down the road? Alshon Jeffrey‘s production plummeted at South Carolina and he has failed to impress. Your first draft really leaves a lot to be desired. Why in the world wasn’t the offensive line situation even remotely addressed during free agency?

Last evening, I watched the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers battle it out. I really hope you did too. I was amazed to see coaches actually being innovators. Jim Harbaugh revamped his whole offense around a quarterback and the results speak for themselves. Bill Belichick is always one-step ahead of other coaches. On the other hand, Smith and company had some good things going early, failed to recognize the weaknesses on this team and did nothing to fix it. Now with two weeks left in the season, your team has fallen apart and it’s a disgrace.

I really hope that the Bears are going to step out of their predicable cheapness and actually bring in a top coaching staff. There’s not going to be an easy fix, but there’s plenty of excellent football minds that can get this thing turned around. Up until about three weeks ago, I was a Smith defender. However, this total collapse falls squarely on his shoulders. Now it is your job to fix it. And based on what I’m seeing, you have a lot of proving to do Mr. Emery. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be upset to see you go.




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