Can Nick Saban Save the Chicago Bears?

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Saban is a football genius. He’s the best college football coach and has turned Alabama into a powerhouse. Everywhere he’s been, his teams win. Once again, Saban’s Crimson Tide are playing for the National Championship against Notre Dame. Many of you will point to Saban’s struggles with the Miami Dolphins. I’ll refute that with a guy that’s doing pretty well.

Pete Carroll had a bad season with the New York Jets in 1994, finishing with a 6-10 record. He moved onto the New England Patriots and had some success, but was fired after three-seasons. After a strong run at USC, Carroll is now one of the league’s top coaches with the Seattle Seahawks.

Considering the Chicago Bears really need to make some wholesale changes on the coaching staff, Saban is the guy to do it. The Bears need a fresh look at the whole shebang. Instead of hiring a retread or an assistant coach, it is time to bring someone in that has actually won something. It would be refreshing to give Saban a shot at it, because as things currently stand, the Bears are stale and this product needs a change. Current head coach Lovie Smith has done a good job during his tenure, but his time has passed.

Getting Saban isn’t going to be cheap or easy. But the Bears need to start acting like big-boys and do what it takes to win. Hiring Saban will send a message that they’re taking a shot. And that is an un-Bear like thing to do.

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