Chad Henne Continues To Show He Is Not Answer At Quarterback For Jacksonville Jaguars

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Henne certainly made the Miami Dolphins look smart for letting him walk away last offseason on Sunday.

Henne struggled for the third consecutive game in an embarrassing 24-3 loss to the team that just a few years ago believed him to be their franchise quarterback. Now Henne is starting to show Jacksonville Jaguars fans the same flaws that led to the end of his career in Miami.

In the four games since Henne came in for an injured Blaine Gabbert and torched the Houston Texans defense for 354 yards and four touchdowns, he has only completed 51.7% of his passes and has only three touchdown passes to four interceptions. In the last three games, all losses to AFC East opponents that know him the best, Henne has looked especially pedestrian.

In Sunday’s loss, Henne again showed his lack of arm strength as he only has had success throwing the ball over the middle of the field and his lack of accuracy as he missed some open receivers with some really poor throws.

After starting hot and getting Jaguars fans unnecessarily excited, Henne has regressed and has put up numbers that are extremely similar to the numbers Gabbert put up before he was injured this season. However, Henne has significantly less upside than the 23-year old Gabbert.

Now as the Jaguars move forward towards 2013, it has become abundantly clear that their future franchise quarterback is not currently on the roster. Whoever the new Jaguars general manager is next season will have to seriously consider using a first or second round pick on another quarterback that will hopefully be the Jaguars leader for the next ten seasons.

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