Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher Rants about Fans, Media and Refs

By Clyde A. Speller
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It’s plainly clear that Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher is highly frustrated with the present state of his team late in the regular season. The Bears have loss five of their last six games, are no longer able to win the NFC North division, and are currently on the outside looking in trying to make the postseason with two games remaining.

Urlacher, who has been sidelined since last week with a hamstring injury, stated that he doesn’t care about the fans or the media. The comment about the fans was in regard to Chicago fans booing the Bears during and after their loss to the Green Bay Packers in Week 15. The 13-year veteran mentioned that Chicago’s fans were louder booing the team than they were when they were cheering. In addition, Urlacher stated that the Bears are the only team in the NFC North that gets booed at home.

As for the media, Urlacher seemed a bit frustrated when talks of head coach Lovie Smith’s future with the team arose. Smith seems to be on the hot seat once again after Chicago’s nosedive in the second half of the season. Urlacher said that the media “don’t know what they’re talking about,” and continued to say that he hopes that Smith is the head coach for years to come.

Even though Urlacher didn’t play in the 21-13 loss against the Packers, he also had some criticism about the job of the referees. Urlacher did say that Chicago is responsible for the loss, but the team “didn’t get any help from the refs.”

He went into detail in mentioning the three offensive pass interference calls on rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. “The same [dang] guy calls three penalties on Alshon,” said Urlacher. “Maybe Alshon beat his school up in college. I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t like him, he had something against him.” Urlacher also didn’t agree with the roughing-the-passer call on defensive end Julius Peppers.

I definitely think that sitting on the sideline for the remainder of the regular season, not being able to contribute on the field in the most crucial part of the Bears’ season, and not knowing if the team will be in the postseason has taken its toll on the Bears defensive captain. Urlacher’s future in the city of Chicago is also uncertain.

I can understand the remarks that he has for the media and the refs, but to say that he doesn’t care about the fans is just too much for me. I do know that Bears fans would love to see Urlacher finish out is Hall of Fame career in the Windy City. However, comments like this mixed in with a disappointing season can be a recipe for disaster. My advice is to keep negative comments about the fans to yourself.

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