Chicago Bears: Lovie Smith States Packers Game Was Not A Must Win

By alibud69
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

I stopped preparing a different piece to write this particular article, Lovie Smith has given a press conference in which, in his usual excuse mongering manner, he stated that the game against the Green Bay Packers was not a must win game in the context of the season.

This sums up exactly what I wrote about after the game, in my “excuses breed mediocrity” piece, the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears, who had a mandate of “We will beat the Packers” no longer sees the longest running rivalry in the NFL as a must win game.

Why? The simple answer is as always it suits for Smith to change the goalposts in order to cover up his own ignorance to the short comings of his coaching philosophies.

Smith and his merry band of yes men have breed a philosophy of excuse making to cover bad coaching, bad talent selection, poor execution and a lack of ability to close out the job in hand.

Lovie Smith said very little in his press conference but the words he did speak highlighted everything wrong with this franchise.

If it wasn’t bad enough Brian Urlacher going over the top with his comments regarding him not caring about the Bears fan base, Smith sought to insult their intelligence further by outright denying that in the 24hours proceeding the Bears biggest loss of the season, that he (Smith) hadn’t heard the comments from the face of the franchise that has caused such a furore.

So believable that the Head Coach of the NFL’s second largest media market and fan bases hasn’t heard such ridiculous comments from its star player.

I just shake my head at Lovie Smith after today, I have been one of his biggest apologists but his delude nonsense and ridiculous post game rhetoric simply has to go.

The collective systemic ignorance going on at Halas Hall is like a cancer, it is destroying any chance of this franchise progressing and developing to where it needs to be.

By the way fans are not immune from this criticism, every time you buy into the collusive lies thrust at you by Lovie Smith and Co. you perpetuate the stagnation of this organisation.

Lovie has nothing left to give in Chicago, regardless of what happens this season, GM Phil Emery has to bite the bullet and clean up this systemic ignorance or come December 2013 I will be writing the same article yet again.

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