Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Has Right to Be Upset

By Clyde A. Speller
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After the Chicago Bears’ 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall couldn’t hold back his feelings in the post-game press conference. Marshall was very open with his opinion about the accountability of Chicago’s offense.

The league leader in receptions was clearly upset with the outcome of Sunday’s game and the results of the previous five games as well. Chicago has now lost five of their last six games after starting the season 7-1.

Marshall stated that each player “on offense needs to be held accountable, even if it means jobs.” The Pro Bowl receiver continued to say things have “been the same way all year.” After holding back tears in between sentences, Marshall abruptly ended the interview, which lasted approximately one minute and thirty seconds.

If there is one player that has the right to be angry about what is going on with the Bears, it’s definitely Marshall. A blind person can see that he has been the lone bright spot on Chicago’s offense this season, and continues to be even when opponents know that he is getting the ball.

In the loss to the Packers, Marshall caught six of quarterback Jay Cutler’s 12 completions for 56 yards and the team’s only touchdown. The other six completions were caught by running backs Matt Forte and Armando Allen. Not one receiver, besides Marshall, caught a single pass all game.

With that being said, I think that it is evident that Marshall is really talking about the other wide receivers first and foremost. In Week 15, fellow receivers Devin Hester and rookie Alshon Jeffery didn’t contribute at all. Jeffery didn’t make things any better for the Bears by drawing a number of offensive pass interference calls, although some of them were questionable.

I feel that it’s more than the receivers that Marshall is point the finger at. Obviously, the offensive line is a wreck, but when Marshall mentioned that jobs should be put on the line, the first thing that came to mind was head coach Lovie Smith. It seems that every season Smith is on the hot seat. Having Marshall mention this could make the chair Smith is sitting in even hotter, especially if nothing changes within the next two weeks.

There was some speculation with Marshall joining the Bears this past off-season because of his off-the-field history.Marshall speaking up prior to the game against the Packers, and his statements following the game has proven that he is a respected leader on this team, and he deserves to express his disappointment about the current position of the Bears.

Because without him, they probably wouldn’t be in the position to even be in the playoff hunt.

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