Cleveland Browns: Coming Back Down To Reality

By Ryan Ruiz
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At the start of Sunday afternoon’s battle with the Washington Redskins, there was a nice little feeling brewing inside of every Cleveland Browns fans’ head. That feeling slowly simmered away as the contest went on. Did we really believe the Browns could win four in a row and still be mathematically “in the hunt”?

The match-up was all the proof you need that this team can be really bad when things are not executed correctly. The game put a huge spotlight on all of rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden‘s flaws. The contest also showed how not to call plays. More importantly though, it showed us just how bad a football team can want to win, as was the case for the Redskins.

For the Cleveland faithful, it’s back to what they know best; reality and losing. With all of the scenarios that needed to happen, did you really believe the Browns were going to make the playoffs this season? As much as I too wanted it to happen, it’s just wasn’t realistic. Many fans got caught in the moment of the Browns’ riding high three game winning streak. That team that put the streak together did not show up on Sunday.

However, with the negatives come the positives. While many analysts and experts said the Browns would only win one or two games this season, all Cleveland did was prove them wrong by winning five games so far. When all the experts and analysts said drafting a running back that high in the draft is crazy, all Trent Richardson did was break Jim Brown‘s franchise touchdown record by a rookie in a single season. TRich rushed for two more touchdowns yesterday and now has 11 on the season.

My point is this season is not a bust by any means. Many things we learned and discovered. Believe it or not, a foundation has been set in place. There are two games left and one more win will fulfill most Clevelanders ‘ expectations. For most of the orange helmet followers, this game brought everything back down to reality.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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