Is Alshon Jeffrey a Wasted Draft Choice?


Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey may have had the worst game in modern history yesterday against the Green Bay Packers. The oversized waste of talent wasn’t able to comprehend that you are not allowed to manhandle cornerbacks. This as much as anything else led to the Bears losing the game.

But it is hard to blame the rookie out of South Carolina for sucking. The Bears and general manager Phil Emery failed to actually look at production before drafting Jeffrey. Here is a guy in Jeffrey who’s production was inconsistent at South Carolina in three seasons. But instead of noticing that his 88 catches his sophomore season were 42 more than his freshman year (46) and 39 more (49) than his junior year, the Bears traded up to get him. So based on one good season, Jeffrey was this amazing NFL prospect? Jeffrey’s weight and attitude was a regular concern with the Gamecocks. If Emery and the Bears coaching staff felt that Jeffrey was going to be a solution, they are football ignorant.

Of course, there are more excuses than answers for Jeffrey. He didn’t like his quarterback, he will do a better job of managing his weight, he isn’t a malcontent despite being tossed out of his last game, etc. After reading the scouting reports on Jeffrey, the things that scouts felt he needed to address (route running, gaining separation, coordination, beating cornerbacks), are rearing their ugly heads. With an elite wide receiver playing with Jeffrey, there’s no reason why he’s not very good. Well, there is a reason. He’s not very good.

I posed the question on Twitter (@chicagobearjew) yesterday about things that impress fans about Jeffrey. His size and youth were the regular responses, but as I pointed out, those aren’t skills those are traits. There’s plenty of big and young people floating around, and most play video games in their parents’ basements. If you have any better answers, hit me up on Twitter and let me know. Because from where I’m sitting, this guy is a big zero.

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