Is Jay Cutler The Franchise Quarterback Of The Chicago Bears' Future?

By Randy Holt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chicago Bears continue their current tailspin, and miss out on the playoffs, there could be a bit of an overhaul throughout the organization. It will begin at the top, with Lovie Smith, but several players will see their way out of the Windy City as well. It could also have some ramifications for quarterback Jay Cutler.

Following yet another disappointing performance for the Bears on offense, in yet another loss to the Green Bay Packers, there are some who are seriously beginning to reconsider whether or not Cutler is a franchise quarterback. It’s a question that has been raised throughout his career, and especially in his time with the Bears.

It’s also worth mentioning that these questions about whether or not the Bears should lock him up for the long term come just weeks after he was declared an MVP candidate by so many. Which shows you just how much of a week-to-week league the NFL actually is.

But the question of whether or not Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback is certainly an interesting one, and it’s one that is going to inspire a great deal of debate among the Bear faithful this coming off-season. Especially if they miss out on the playoffs like so many now expect them to do.

There’s no doubt that Cutler has the physical tools to be an incredible quarterback. But whether or not he has the right mental makeup to be that guy is certainly up for some debate. Regardless of those facts, the question of whether or not Jay can be that guy is one that may not even have an answer, even at this point.

Throughout the league, we see very few quarterbacks that can elevate the talent around them to make an elite offense. The ones that do are named Peyton ManningTom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that other guys are not franchise quarterbacks. So simply because Cutler isn’t in league with those names doesn’t really mean anything.

You’re talking about a guy who has had a different offensive coordinator almost every year he’s been with the Bears. He’s had absolutely zero consistency in that department. Even now,  he’s playing a system that is poorly managed and lacks adjustments on a play-by-play and week-by-week basis.

That’s on top of the fact that he lacks talent around him. And that’s putting it nicely. His offensive line in front of him is absolutely putrid. Prior to the arrival of Brandon Marshall, he had nobody to throw the ball to. And even with Brandon Marshall, he has nobody besides Marshall to throw the ball to. A mix of poor play calling and that poor o-line have no running game behind him. He has no help.

As of right now, the question of whether or not Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback is a silly one, and one that couldn’t even be answered if it was reasonable. Spend the off-season putting some real talent around him. Build up that offensive line, get some depth at receiver. Once he has competent people around him, then you can toss around a question like that.

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