Jason Hatcher Says Dallas Cowboys Have Become A Team

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We are 14 weeks into the season for the Dallas Cowboys and defensive lineman Jason Hatcher has something very interesting to say about the Cowboys; “we’re a team.” Jason Garrett and his process has put together a team during an extremely difficult season in which nothing has derailed the Cowboys.

Not the devastating injuries, not the tragedy and not even the ugly games the Cowboys sometimes play has stopped this team from being in the playoff hunt. The Cowboys have had 14 season ending injuries, plenty of which have been to important pieces of the team, and other nagging injury issues that have hampered their performances as well.

They’ve brought in a number of new players who were formerly on the street looking for jobs when the Cowboys came calling and they’ve all played a role in the Cowboys success this year. None of that has stopped the Dallas Cowboys from becoming a team and it’s refreshing to hear. Just listen to Jason Hatcher talk about his teammates.

“We’re a team,” Hatcher said. “We care for one another. It ain’t no more individuals. You line up, and you care about your brother. That’s what’s different from early in the season until now. Maybe it took a tragedy to happen to pull this team together. But we’re a team now. We play together. We play for each other.”

If you remember back in the off-season, it was Hatcher saying the Cowboys needed more leaders, and it appears as though the team has found them.

The only question I have is why did it take so long for this team to come together? Another story for another day I guess, but for now the Cowboys should be applauded for coming together as a team. Whatever happens from here on out, at least we know this Dallas Cowboys team as one that stuck together and fought as a team, no matter the circumstance.

The Dallas Cowboys are growing better as a team every game and it’s the way it should be.

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