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New York Giants Find Themselves In A Familiar Place

Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

2007. New York Giants take on the Washington Redskins in week 15. Giants lose 22-10. They then beat the Buffalo Bills to clinch a playoff birth and then go on to win the Super Bowl. 2008. Giants lose to the Dallas Cowboys 20-8 in week 15. They finish the season 12-4 and win the division. 2011. Giants lose to Redskins in week 15 23-10. The Giants don’t lose again the rest of the way. 2012. Giants get shut out in the franchise’s worse loss since the mid 1990s, 37-0 by the Atlanta Falcons.

Look, we’ve seen this movie before with the New York Giants. To be honest, I thought they were going to lose to the New Orleans Saints and beat the Falcons. It turns out it was in reverse. The Giants are still in a great position to make the playoffs. They have to win their next two games and they would at least get a wild card spot.

The Giants are a team that likes to do things the hard way. While this isn’t the ideal way to go, the Giants have experience playing with their backs against the wall. Eli Manning has a way of rising to the occasion. All that being said though, this team is a little different than the teams in the past. I think the defensive line was better in previous years. They also weren’t down to a rookie and two free agents at the running back position.

The Giants need to step up. The playoffs for them start this Sunday. One more loss and their season will be making a quick and sudden end without a chance to repeat.