New York Giants: Will This Season be for the Birds?

By Christopher Gamble


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a ton of talk making the rounds that the New York Giants play better with their backs against the wall. Excuse me for a moment, but when you control your own playoff destiny that means your back is technically against the wall. The Giants right now are seeing their playoff hopes dangling by a thread.

Sure, the Giants backs are against the wall right now. Yes, they managed to go to two Super Bowls with their team in similar situations in 2007 and 2011. However, what does that mean? Were the Giants’ backs not against the wall in 2010 when they needed to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and proceeded to allow 28 fourth quarter points including a game-winning 65-yard punt return for a touchdown by DeSean Jackson. Did the Giants play well then?

Enough about how the Giants have fared in the past. That is over and done with. Right now the Giants will need to win their next two games against the Baltimore Ravens and Eagles. If they lose they are done unless they get help.

The past won’t help the Giants beat the Ravens. The past won’t help them defeat the Eagles, a team they have already lost to this season. The only thing that will help the Giants is the Giants themselves. They need to shake off the 34-0 loss to the Atlanta Falcons and move on to prepare for a struggling Ravens team that still features Ray Rice at running back and we know how bad the Giants have been against the run this year as they currently rank 22nd overall against the run and 28th against the pass.

Even Joe Flacco, who has been dreadful the last few games, has to be happy to be facing the Giants. The past is done with and the present is all that matters.

It is time to get serious, the Giants postseason begins now. Only they will determine if they can defend their Super Bowl title properly or if this season goes to the birds.

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