New York Jets Need To Bench Mark Sanchez Immediately

By Riley Schmitt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is officially time to end the Mark Sanchez era in New York. The New York Jets had a chance to keep their playoff hopes alive but Sanchez ended that. He had five turnovers in a four point loss, which means it is time to bench him. Start the Tim Tebow experience again.

Tebow honestly cannot be worse than this.  The team has no hope of playing past December so you might as well try something new.  Sanchez has to be done in NY after this.  He simply can’t play at this level.  He looks like the worst quarterback to step on the field.  They may have almost zero talent but Sanchez is making some horrible decisions.

This is almost more of an indictment of the franchise itself.  Sanchez was thrown in a no-win situation but he has played poorly.  He is going to have to be the fall guy to end the season.  There are going to be change in this organization after this season but right now, they need to see what they have.

The coaches may have not wanted to bring in Tebow but you might want to start him in one game.  If he shows something, you may have a guy for next season.  If not, you get rid of both guys and start fresh.  The status quo is not working in NY anymore.

This was the most embarrassing effort I have seen for a team with a chance to be in the playoffs.  Changes must be made.

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