Oakland Raiders: Is Terrelle Pryor even worth talking about?

By Jeremy Hayes
NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders
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Do we have another Tim Tebow-Kyle Orton fiasco on our hands in Oakland?

The Oakland Raiders won their first game after a six-game losing streak against the Kansas City Chiefs with Carson Palmer at quarterback. Fans got their wish though in the second quarter of game, back-up quarterback Terrelle Pryor went under center.

Pryor went 0-1 in passing on one drive, along with a false start penalty and two Darren McFadden runs, and he went three and out before being pulled out of the game. This is a sign that fans should not get their hopes up too fast. Palmer may not be the best, but he is three times the quarterback that Pryor is, and the Raiders have obviously shown that they just want to end the season with pride for the last couple of weeks.

Pryor was taken in the 2011 Supplemental Draft, the last pick Al Davis would make. Rest in peace Mr. Davis, but it was not a good one. Pryor is still young, but even if he declared for the draft last year, he would not have been earlier than the fifth round.

It appears that this is a Tebow situation all over again. A team is desperate, and wants a change to make their team “news worthy.” The fan-base is wrong as can be, and the Raiders should not even consider Pryor of having a chance to be a starter.

If the Raiders want to win, you need to start the best players, and Pryor is not one of them.


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